Return Policy

Conditions and Procedure for return products

Conditions for a Return

Customers need to check the status of the product and can exchange goods at the time of delivery in the following cases:

  • Defective product from the store
  • There is not enough quantity in the order but the store has not informed the customer in advance
  • Returned products must be intact as at the time of receipt, not peeled labels (if any) or have been tested.
  • Do not accept return/replacement of products for subjective reasons.

*Note: Please keep the invoice or related documents for verification.

Return Procedure

Customers shall contact Paris-Brest as soon as possible after discovering the problem and within one hour from the receiving time. Please use Contact Us information for this procedure.

In case of a return, Paris Brest will exchange the product, with a target of the same day return or according to the time agreed between the customer and the store.