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Buy any of our Viennoiseries in store and get a free Viet Phap coffee.

Our Products

Paris Brest Bakery

Daily Loaves

Start your morning breakfast with our signature warm baguettes and remember to keep some for the dinner. You will need them again.

Baguettes, pain de campagne, croissants, cookies,  brioches et donuts.


Have you ever tasted a French-style artisanal made cake? Please don’t. You will want more … and more … by piece, or the whole cake, for birthdays and special occasions, we offer them custom made .

Paris Brest Deli

Cold Cuts & Cheeses

For good, tasty and authentic food lovers, Paris Brest offers a wide range of cheeses from Europe, as well as dairy products like butter, Swiss yogurt; delicious cold cuts from France, Spain, Italy and tasty home made products from French artisans: tapenade, pates, gratins, lasagna and much more, all cooked with passion by our chefs .

Don’t leave our shops without taking  a bottle of wine, at very raisonnable price with you, to go with the tasting of your shopping.

Paris Brest Bakery

French Wines

Depending on what you are eating, the type of beverage. What about an expresso or a capuccino with your croissant? Or a good Bordeaux with your Camembert that will be hugged to a nice piece of baguette? Or the best reason to get a beverage … because your are thirsty.

Our Services

Paris Brest Bakery


Please check our delivery zones, that are updated weekly, following current regulations due to lockdown restrictions. 

Paris Brest Bakery

Special Occasions

We suggest to choose from our catering menu our convenient variety of options to delight your clients and guests. Contact us to book your special day and to receive our dedicated assistance.

Paris Brest Bakery


Contacts us to share business opportunities.

Rather if your company is willing to sell our products in your business, or if you are interested to use our stores and dedicated personnel to promote your products, or if you have a special product that you want us to bake for your brand.

Paris Brest Bakery

Choose Your Favorites

When your cake has to be unique, “formidable”, and unforgetable for the eyes and for the taste, Paris Brest can offer a few options for assembling that memorable moment, that for sure will get some pictures.